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One of the most popular roofing choices among homeowners due to the low upfront costs and variety of styles offered. SCEC works with the industry leaders to provide you with the highest quality shingles. Based on your needs and budget, we will recommend the shingles that best suits your home.

Primary types of Asphalt Shingles

  • 3-tab shingles
  • Dimensional shingles (also known as Architectural or Laminate shingles)
  • Luxury shingles (also known as Premium shingles)
3-tab shingles

This entry-level shingle is the most affordable option offering low upfront costs. They are lightweight and provide a flat appearance. 3-tab shingles have a wind rating of 60-80 mph and include a 25 year manufacturer warranty.

Dimensional Shingles

Also known as Architectural or Laminate shingles, these are an ideal option for homeowners who want a better quality shingle as they are slightly heavier. Dimensional shingles are created with dual layers providing a 3D look. These shingles offer better storm and warranty protection with a 110 mph wind rating and a 30 year manufacturer warranty.

Luxury Shingles

Also known as Premium or Designer shingles, these are the top of line shingle option offering a unique 3D look to your roof as they replicate the look of wooden shakes or natural slate. Luxury shingles are made of asphalt and fiberglass, and are triple laminated making them thicker and more impact resistant. They are also solar reflective, providing lower energy costs and a longer lasting roof. Luxury shingles offer a higher wind rating and a 40-50 year manufacturer warranty.


In Central Texas, where heat is extreme and burn bans are often, metal roofs provide a sense of security for you and your home. Metal roofs are a far better roofing system than asphalt roofs as they last 2 to 3 times longer.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

  • Energy efficient – Metal roofs reflect the sun’s rays, reducing the heat gain in your home which in turn reduces energy costs
  • Offer excellent protection from the elements, including fire protection
  • SCEC uses 24 gauge metal offering extreme durability
  • Lightweight, reducing the weight load on your homes structure
  • Appearance is sharp, increasing curb appeal
  • 140 mph wind rating
  • 35-50 year manufacturer warranty

Types of Metal Roofing Systems

  • Exposed Fastener
    A low cost metal option due to the exposed bolts, screws and fasteners.
  • Interlock Standing Seam
    Hidden screws and fasteners make this weather-tight, preventing leaks and rust as well as giving a clean/sharp look.
  • Double Lock Standing Seam
    Like Interlock, hidden screws and fasteners make this weather-tight, preventing leaks and rust as well as giving a clean/sharp look. The added benefit of Double Lock, is that its locked twice making it the most durable metal option.


  • Clay
    One of the longer lasting roofing materials – it can last over a century. Clay tiles are resistant to strong winds and fire, and maintain their nonporous finish and color despite weather conditions. These tiles are made from a natural earth derived material making them environmentally friendly and recyclable. The shape of clay tiles protects the underlayment of your roof while creating an air pocket which kelps insulate and isolate unwanted heat or cold.
  • Concrete
    Concrete tiles are made of a mixture of sand, cement and water, and have interlocking ribs that prevent water infiltration. They are resistant to hail, wind and fire, making them extremely safe. These tiles come in flat profile (no curves), low profile (small curves) or high profile (large curves) and can simulate the appearance of clay tiles, wood shake, slate and stone. Concrete tiles weigh about 40% heavier than clay tiles making them heavier on your home’s structure. They are higher maintenance than clay tiles due to the higher rate of water absorption and can fade over time.


TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin)

Heat welded seams make this a very durable roof. The flexible material is beneficial for a homes movement or settling. TPO roofs resist mold growth, dirt accumulation, tears and punctures. They are also UV and heat resistant making it extremely energy efficient. It is a light-weight material, reducing stress on your homes structure. TPO roofs are cost-effective with a 30 year manufacturer warranty.

  • Modified Bitumen
    A peel-and-stick system. The light colored mineral surface reflects heat, cutting energy bills. This is a cost-effective and low maintenance roofing option.


  • Slate Roofing
    One of the highest quality and longest lasting roofing materials, built to last over a century. This natural stone product provides a unique, natural beauty, enhancing the look of any architectural style and increasing a homes resale value. Slate is offered in various textures, sizes, thickness and colors. Being a natural stone, slate is more durable than any man-made material. It is waterproof and one of the most fire resistant roof. Due to the weight of slate roofing tiles, SCEC will evaluate your home to make sure it can handle the weight. Slate tiles are fragile and, therefore, cannot be walked on unless its by an experienced professional.
  • Copper Roofing
    The longest lasting roofing material can last centuries. Copper offers real character as it ages, it continually takes on new shades of color, enhancing the look of a house and increasing resale value. Copper roofs provide more safety than any other roof as it can handle high winds, heavy storms, and is not flammable. Its lightweight material means minimal stress on structural support of your home. This first-class natural material retains its value and is one of the top green building materials due to its recyclability. Although copper costs more initially, it has significant long term savings as it typically requires no maintenance over its lifetime, and does not rust or corrode.
  • Stone-coated steel
    A lower cost premium option, yet durable, long lasting, low maintenance, and lightweight, minimizing stress on your home’s structure. The interlocking design makes it resistant to heavy rains and wind uplift. Stone-coated steel comes in a wide variety of styles and designs including comparable clay and concrete options. This is one of the few green building materials as it is 100% recyclable.
  • Cedar Shake
    Cedar shake comes from split logs giving it exceptional beauty. This durable, long-lasting material is highly impact resistant to severe storms and can withstand wind speeds up to 245mph. They provide double the insulation as asphalt shingles making them more energy efficient. Cedar Shake roofs require regular maintenance to keep roof clear of leaves, branches, moss and debris so the wood can breathe and to prevent mildew growth.


We work with a variety of manufacturers to ensure you get quailty supplies with our service.


  • Gutters

    Gutters are necessary to help prevent damage to a home’s roof and foundation as their function is to move water away from your home. They come in many shapes, colors and prices. Silver Creek Exterior & Construction will recommend gutters that best suit and coordinate with your home.

  • Siding

    ilver Creek Exterior & Construction is experienced in a variety of siding materials, including hardie board, stucco and vinyl.

    Hardie board is an affordable, long lasting, durable siding option. It comes in a wide variety of textures and colors, and can mimic just about any other siding material. Hardie board is primarily made of cement and concrete making it fire-resistant.

    Stucco is a low maintenance material made from sand, Portland cement, lime & water. It provides a solid, durable, seamless exterior that is resistant to fire and can last a lifetime. Stucco is a great insulator of warm and cold air making it energy efficient.

    Vinyl is low cost, versatile, easy to maintain and comes in a variety of colors and styles.

  • Painting

    Silver Creek Exterior & Construction has an experienced team of exterior and interior painters.



Snap Lock and Double Lock Standing Seam metal roofing is ideal for most commercial buildings. These interlock systems are weather-tight, preventing leaks and rust for a longer lasting roof.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

  • Energy efficient – Metal roofs reflect the sun’s rays, reducing the heat gain and energy costs
  • Offer excellent protection from the elements, including fire protection
  • SCEC uses 24 gauge metal offering extreme durability
  • Lightweight, reducing the weight load on your structure
  • Concealed clips and fasteners cause for a clean, sharp appearance
  • 140 mph wind rating


TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) is a common choice for flat commercial roofs.

Benefits of TPO Roofing

  • Heat welded seams make for extra durability
  • Flexible material will adjust to structure movement or settling
  • Resists mold growth, dirt accumulation, tears, and punctures
  • UV and heat resistant making it extremely energy efficient
  • Light-weight material reduces stress on structure
  • Cost-effective